Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Today's Class
In the beginning of class we discussed and reviewed from yesterday's materials. All that stuff is on the lower slides below which is called MORE ON MEASUREMENT.
After that we went through the questions that were on the previous slide. Our teacher explained that if the question asked to convert 7 cm 2<---(squared) to mm we had to go through a series of steps. Well think of it as big square and being cut up into smaller units than it originally was but the same square being the same way it was. After, 2 sides which are the top and the right side was 10 mm. So now you would cut 10 little squares on both sides to the point were who would have 100 little squares. Now picture that and now you have 1 cm 2<---(squared). Now basically multiply 100 mm by 7 and you get 700mm 2<---(squared). *DONT FORGET THE SQUARE!*
But all it all comes down to an easier way and the easier way is to multiply 7 by 100 and you get 700 mm2<---(squared).
After that discussion we had moved on and were talking about volume. Our teacher explained that volume measures width, length and depth. Volume is also like square but instead of using square we use cubed. Cube is then recognized as 3 instead of 2. It is basically the same steps but the only thing different about it is to change square to cubed.
THE next scriBe Will bee.......CORALEE!!