Wednesday, November 26, 2008

okay ... I just wanted to let you know Mr.K that I did attempt to post a picture using CC, but I completely forget the address to go to. Was it not something like '' ???But that web does not exist. So yeah, I just wanted to let you know I DID attempt to do my homework

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

how to use a TI

This is Caitlin, it's November 24 and here are some points on how to use your calculator if some of you missed the class or didn't take notes.
.to get to your list you just press STAT then ENTER
.T o make a scatter plot you press 2nd y= then ENTER
.In linear regession you go in to STAT hit the arrow key > and go into CALC and go down to #4, then put in 2nd 1,2nd 2, then you hit VARS > ENTER

For line that best fit
y= then graph 2nd trace #5

Are there?

Lessons from the Geese?
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Thursday, November 20, 2008

yesterday we worked on the worksheet we got on tuesday. for the most of the class we also tried out our calculators. anyways yesterday he assigned page 150-151 questions #1-5. this is one of the classes that we learned alot about stuff.

functions and relations
chapter 3

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Today we learned about alot of things.

We learned that if a rule says that it can only give you 1 possible answer than it is a function. For example if you had 2 ordered pairs and you put them into a coloumn like this:

2 5
7 1

Now say there was a line connecting the 2 and the 5, and a line connecting the 7 and the 1, the line is suggesting that each pair has only one possible answer and is therefore a FUNCTION. Now say the arrangement of the lines and the numbers were still as they were, but now there is a line connecting the 7 to the 5 as well, that is suggesting that one ordered pair has 2 possible answers, and is now considered a RELATION. A relation is something mathematical that can give 2 or more possible answers. A function is something mathematical that can only have 1 possible answer.

We also learned about Range. Range was a fairly easy concept which is used to show somethings boundaries. For instance on the little test we got with the questions about the drink machine at work. That graph suggested that the most amount of drinks in the machine at once could be 400, and the least could be 100. So simply, the range of that graph or those drink machines was 100-400, which in math terms is shown as [100-400].

Another thing we learned about was Function Notation. Function Notation is just a different way of putting an equation. If I made up a rule in my head that every number I heard I would add 1, then the rule would be x+1. To put this in function notation, just basically do this : f(x)=x+1, just like what we learned with Dr. Eviatar. Then you could fill in the equation by substituting x ( for example, 35) so f(35)=35+1 which would equal 36. so f=36, but its better to use the first equation I mentioned because it displays the input and the output, as suppose to the second equation which just shows the output.

A small thing we learned about is the Shadow Method. What that is if you had a pen and a marker and you flashed a light on them vertically, the pen's shadow would be longer because it is longer than the marker. It can also be used on a graph to find out information. You can also use the Shadow Method in different directions and not just vertically, to find out more info.

We learned about variables too which are jus symbols like X and Y replacing unknown numbers in an equation.

We also learned about Domain but I didn't get notes on that unfortunately because Michelle told me I was the "Scribe" so late!!!!!!!! If you dont understand this post, and you probably don't then sorry and ask the teacher tomorrow.

And the scribe for tomorrow will be..................................................................................................................PAIGE, no actually, MATT, no actually, RYAN! YES, RYAN YOU ARE THE SCRIBE. Ok bye.

Where are we


the things that i don't understand are:

the line of depression, sin, and cosine law, and when to use it when doing Trigonometry.

don't really remember things in Coordinate Geometry.

and also don't understand and remember things in Relation and Function.

MatChew =P ♥♦♣♠ ♪♫

Monday, November 17, 2008

Where Are We Wordle

I took all the BOBs you wrote. Copied the text and pasted it into Wordle to look for patterns in what you had written.

This wordle was generated by the first 7 BOBs written tonight.

Tell me, what do you see?


Soo,,, I'm having trouble with the geometry stuff, like the whole thing.
Trigonometry is pretty easy, I think, don't exactly remember.
And, with relations and functions, I think I kinda get it, if we go over it a bit more.

What I don't understand for...


- the line of deperession
-sine law
-cosine law


-almost everything


-almost everything too!

And I didn't have any trouble for the unit about the numbers.


where are we now?

The thing that i really don't understands are:

  • trigonometry, the angle of elevation, depression, and some word problem that i don't understand..
  • how can I know if were going to use the sine, cosine, and tangent...the SOHCAHTOA...
  • the relation and function
That's all, the topic is really confusing..

Where are we?


I thought Dr Eviatar tried to help us with Trig but couldn't reach us, after I got tutor I could not believe how easy it was to learn, Sin A over a. coordinates i found very easy i didn't have any trouble with it, same with number systems. i think the class should go over Trig again to make sure everyone understands.




For me I felt bombarded with all the data we had to memorize. Here's what I don't fully understand.

-How do we tell when we has to us Sin or Cos .
-"Line of depression" to "rise" ... or something like that
-How do we take a word problem and put it into a diagram

I get so lost with all this information, I found it was too much and too complicated because everything is linked together.
I hope that helps ....



i don't understand Trigonometry.

(why can't i comment on posts?)

Michelle / scribe / relations and functions

Today in class it was a "reintroduction" to Mr .k. We learned more about the blogs, and we get to make a "fresh start". Here are 3 necessities you need to display while posting a blog:

Write your name
Write that it is a scribe
Write the unit we are covering

Also if you have your first and last name as your display name CHANGE IT. You need to keep your identity safe and protect your self.
During class we were given a review sheet on relations and functions. We were given to graphs and had to find what graph was most realistic, for example:

Every morning at camp, one of the scouts hoists a flag on top of the flag pole. The graphs below show the height of the flag as a function of time.

You were then given 6 graphs and had to choose which graph was models the situation correctly.

Another graphing question was your typical X, Y graph with given data to explain the situation. We had to give an logical guess and decide how to "time of day" related to the "number of cans"

This was basically all we covered. It may not seem like a lot but all of the students and Mr.k had to re connect and get on the same page as far as to where we are with our math.
*homework* .... post what unit to struggled with the most over these past 4 units.


What is the stuff i dont understand

What i dont understand out of the year so far would have to be trigonometry its to confusing

Digital Ethics

Blogging is a very public activity. Anything that gets posted on the internet stays there. Forever. Deleting a post simply removes it from the blog it was posted to. Copies of the post may exist scattered all over the internet. I have come across posts from my students on blogs as far away as Sweden! That is why we are being so careful to respect your privacy and using first names only. We do not use pictures of ourselves. If you really want a graphic image associated with your posting use an avatar -- a picture of something that represents you but IS NOT of you.

Here are a few videos that illustrate some of what I want you to think about:

Two teachers in the U.S.A. worked with their classes to come up with a list of guidelines for student bloggers.

One of them, Bud Hunt, has these suggestions, among others:

  1. Students using blogs are expected to treat blogspaces as classroom spaces. Speech that is inappropriate for class is not appropriate for our blog. While we encourage you to engage in debate and conversation with other bloggers, we also expect that you will conduct yourself in a manner reflective of a representative of this school.

  2. Never EVER EVER give out or record personal information on our blog. Our blog exists as a public space on the Internet. Don’t share anything that you don’t want the world to know. For your safety, be careful what you say, too. Don’t give out your phone number or home address. This is particularly important to remember if you have a personal online journal or blog elsewhere.

  3. Again, your blog is a public space. And if you put it on the Internet, odds are really good that it will stay on the Internet. Always. That means ten years from now when you are looking for a job, it might be possible for an employer to discover some really hateful and immature things you said when you were younger and more prone to foolish things. Be sure that anything you write you are proud of. It can come back to haunt you if you don’t.

  4. Never link to something you haven’t read. While it isn’t your job to police the Internet, when you link to something, you should make sure it is something that you really want to be associated with. If a link contains material that might be creepy or make some people uncomfortable, you should probably try a different source.

Another teacher, Steve Lazar, developed a set of guidelines in consultation with his students. You can read them here.

Look over the guidelines and add the ones you like in the comments section below this post; either from one of Steve's students or one of your own. I think Bud's suggestions are excellent. We'll be using the one's I highlighted above as a basis for how we will use our blog.

Mr. K.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Digital Ethics

Since the smartboard is still out of commission, here is something to think about in lieu of slides.

Cheers, Dr. Eviatar.