Monday, November 17, 2008

Michelle / scribe / relations and functions

Today in class it was a "reintroduction" to Mr .k. We learned more about the blogs, and we get to make a "fresh start". Here are 3 necessities you need to display while posting a blog:

Write your name
Write that it is a scribe
Write the unit we are covering

Also if you have your first and last name as your display name CHANGE IT. You need to keep your identity safe and protect your self.
During class we were given a review sheet on relations and functions. We were given to graphs and had to find what graph was most realistic, for example:

Every morning at camp, one of the scouts hoists a flag on top of the flag pole. The graphs below show the height of the flag as a function of time.

You were then given 6 graphs and had to choose which graph was models the situation correctly.

Another graphing question was your typical X, Y graph with given data to explain the situation. We had to give an logical guess and decide how to "time of day" related to the "number of cans"

This was basically all we covered. It may not seem like a lot but all of the students and Mr.k had to re connect and get on the same page as far as to where we are with our math.
*homework* .... post what unit to struggled with the most over these past 4 units.