Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Today we learned about alot of things.

We learned that if a rule says that it can only give you 1 possible answer than it is a function. For example if you had 2 ordered pairs and you put them into a coloumn like this:

2 5
7 1

Now say there was a line connecting the 2 and the 5, and a line connecting the 7 and the 1, the line is suggesting that each pair has only one possible answer and is therefore a FUNCTION. Now say the arrangement of the lines and the numbers were still as they were, but now there is a line connecting the 7 to the 5 as well, that is suggesting that one ordered pair has 2 possible answers, and is now considered a RELATION. A relation is something mathematical that can give 2 or more possible answers. A function is something mathematical that can only have 1 possible answer.

We also learned about Range. Range was a fairly easy concept which is used to show somethings boundaries. For instance on the little test we got with the questions about the drink machine at work. That graph suggested that the most amount of drinks in the machine at once could be 400, and the least could be 100. So simply, the range of that graph or those drink machines was 100-400, which in math terms is shown as [100-400].

Another thing we learned about was Function Notation. Function Notation is just a different way of putting an equation. If I made up a rule in my head that every number I heard I would add 1, then the rule would be x+1. To put this in function notation, just basically do this : f(x)=x+1, just like what we learned with Dr. Eviatar. Then you could fill in the equation by substituting x ( for example, 35) so f(35)=35+1 which would equal 36. so f=36, but its better to use the first equation I mentioned because it displays the input and the output, as suppose to the second equation which just shows the output.

A small thing we learned about is the Shadow Method. What that is if you had a pen and a marker and you flashed a light on them vertically, the pen's shadow would be longer because it is longer than the marker. It can also be used on a graph to find out information. You can also use the Shadow Method in different directions and not just vertically, to find out more info.

We learned about variables too which are jus symbols like X and Y replacing unknown numbers in an equation.

We also learned about Domain but I didn't get notes on that unfortunately because Michelle told me I was the "Scribe" so late!!!!!!!! If you dont understand this post, and you probably don't then sorry and ask the teacher tomorrow.

And the scribe for tomorrow will be..................................................................................................................PAIGE, no actually, MATT, no actually, RYAN! YES, RYAN YOU ARE THE SCRIBE. Ok bye.