Sunday, December 21, 2008

sandra scribe day!

Last class we worked on some slides about interpolation and extrapolation.
Then we worked on some sequences, we went into some small groups.

Arithmetic Sequence:

- Recursive Definition:
An ordered list of numbers generated by adding a value continuously.

{/EDIT} An arithmetic sequence is when you continue adding the same number over and over again. For example:
5, 10, 15, 20, 25...
That is adding five to the previous number.

And to find the equation of the numbers the formula is Y = ax + b, so it would be like,
Y = 5x + 0 (used the sequence above for example).
If you're wonder how i got the zero, look at slide 8/13 for December 18th.
It's pretty much just
subtracting 5 from 5 because a = the first term and you subtract 5 from the first term.

Since the sequence is just adding 5, the common difference is 5, because there's a difference of 5 in each of the numbers.

I hope this is enough =)

sorry guys, i have no idea what im doing =.=''

Next Scribe = Matthew

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Today's Slides: December 18

Here they are ...

Applied 20S December 18, 2008
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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Scribe - Thuan's version

Today in Math class..

we started off by Mr K talking about interpolation and extrapolation.


a. the process of determining the value of a function between two points at which it has prescribed values.
b. a similar process using more than two points at which the function has prescribed values.
c. the process of approximating a given function by using its values at a discrete set of points.


to estimate (a function that is known over a range of values of its independent variable) to values outside the known range.

Then Mr K started putting us into 4 groups, then he gave us questions on the smartboard. After we were all done with the questions we discussed the questions and how to get the answeres and why they were answers for example the first question was to find the Equation which was Y=-469.30143x+7599.39712 I dont know how you guys got the answer because I use a different calculator so i cant really explain how i got the answer. Basically we got through all the questions but what I learned this time when I was working with my group I learned what slope and y-intercept really means and how to get it.If the equation is written as y= ax+b, the slope number is the number "a"that is multiplied on the "x", and "b" is the y-intercept. Yet again I dont know how to show you guys how to do it on the calculator because I have a different one. In our case the slope is -469.30 and our y-intercept is 7599.39. What does those numbers mean? the slope means the price of the cars decrease every year by $469.30 and the y-intercept means well.. i forgot what it means but atleast I know how to get the answer. =D... thats a smiley face

Next Scribe will be....Yet Decided

Just kidding its Sandra just to start things all over again

Today's Slides: December 17

Here they are ...

Applied 20S December 17, 2008
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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

December 16, 2008

Earlier beginning of the class we talked about digital ethics which is you don't have to post any pictures ourselves because we being so careful to our own privacy and we can only use our first name and if you really wantedto have your own graphic association image with your posting . you may also used avatar. a something represent you but its NOT you..

Later on, we also talk about the y-intercept and what is the meaning of it be by using graphic calculator. This are the steps how to used the graphic calculator by solving the y-intercept:
  • When we used the graphic calculator we press STAT and look for the EDIT and list they points.You should enter the data in the list. To get to the list (1) one or list (2) two. To clear the list press the up and down button, clear and enter your data.
  • when your going to create a scatter plot you should press 2nd function, y=, and enter. Choose scatter plot, x list and y list.
  • if your going to graph the the plot, your going to press ZOOM 9. first, you should adjust your WINDOW.
  • To create a regression equation. Press STAT, ARROW to the LEFT and move to the CALC and pick your regression and then press 2nd function (1)one, comma, 2nd function (2) two and comma.
  • Press VARS, arrow to the right and move to the Y-vars ENTER to the function and ENTER.
This are the types of regression:
- linear
- quadratic
- exponential
- sinusoidal
- logarithmic
- power

we also correct our quiz in the end of our class. we talk about the y-intercept and also how to write the equation of the line. do you know the meaning of interpolations? Interpolations means is to estimate values of(data or a function) between known values.

This are the things that i learned in our class today. My scribes not too short but in this post you can easily understand by is step.

The next scribe will be THUAN. (^_^)

Today's Slides: December 16

Here they are ...

Applied 20S December 16, 2008
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Monday, December 15, 2008

Is math a challenge?

What wonders have you experienced in math lately?

I forgot about the scribe, the next one will be Cachel.

Okay, so the beginning of class we talked about how the y-intercept is the point where the line crosses the y axis. Slope is rise over run, but what the slop means depends on the question. For example, the yearbook question that we did, the slope equaled 12, which meant that a yearbook costs 12 dollars. Or the taxi question we did, where the slope equaled 1, that meant that the taxi costs $1 per km. Then we went on and talked about the question we started on friday about the antibacterial spray. The first thing we had to do with that question was set it up. First you plot all the points on your calculator by pressing STAT then press ENTER. Then you just add all of the number of hours (x) in the first list, and the number of bacteria (y) in the second list. The first two questions ask you to find the slope, the y-intercept and what they mean/represent. To answer this, you have to use a linear regression equation. To do this you press STAT and then the right arrow key to slide over to CALC, then you press 4 to get LinReg(ax+b) on the home screen. Once you have that you press 2nd and 1 (it's for the first list you entered number of hours in) then press the comma key, which is just above the number 7, then press 2nd and 2 (for the second list). Then you will put another comma and press VARS arrow key right to get to Y-VARS then press ENTER, and press ENTER again. For the first question, you need to find the slope, if your on the home screen with your linear regression equation showing press ENTER and you will see your slope and your y-intercept. Your slope is a and your y-intercept is b. The slope that you should see is -4.9. It means that the bacteria decreases more and more and time goes on. The next question askes what the y-intercept is and what it represents. If you look it should be 99.14, and that is how many bacteria is there before they sprayed there antibacterial spray. The next question you have to write out the equation, which will be Y=-4.93+99.14, but you want it more realistic, so you would write it as N(h)= -4.93+99.14. (N meaning number of bacteria, and h meaning hours.) The next question asks after how many hours would 25 bacteria be present? To answer this question, press GRAPH. If you need to adjust your window, then press WINDOW.

<-- Enter these values, and your window should fit just right. Press Y= and go down to Y2= and enter 25. This will make it so that on the Y axis ther will always be a line at 25.
Press GRAPH again, then press 2nd and CALC (above TRACE). Then press 5 which is intersect. Move your right arrow down to where the lines intersect, (your X should be around 14.9 and your Y 25.7) and at the bottom of the screen it should say First Curve? Now you press ENTER and it should now say Second Curve? Press ENTER once again and it should say Guess? Press ENTER for the last time, and it should say Intersection, and now your done. Notice how your Y=25 and your X=15.04. That means that the bacteria that is present is 25, and the hours it took to get there is 15. The next question is asking to state the largest value and the smallest value of the domain. (Domain is the X axis). To do this you have to 2nd CALC and then press 2 because you are looking for zero. Then you press the right arrow to scroll down on your line until you get to the X axis. When you are there, the coordinates should be around 19.9 for X and .834
for Y. To make sure that you have the point in the right place, your Y should be just under zero. Your screen should be saying Left Bound? at the bottom, so press ENTER (when your over the right place) and it should now say Right Bound? Then your going to move your right arrow over just once so that your Y is now a negative number. Press ENTER again so that it will say Guess? then press ENTER one more time. Your screen should now say Zero and your X axis should be at 20.12. For this question your smallest value is 0, and your largest value is 20.12. For the next question is asks for the largest value and the smallest value of the range. (Range is the Y axis). For this question you just need to look at the graph and see that your smallest value is 0 and your largest value is 99.14. You know this because the number of bacteria has to be 0, you can't go any less than that, and the largest number is 99.14 because that is the y-intercept. That is all of the questions that was on that paper. Thanks for reading this all! (:

Today's Slides: December 15

Here they are ...

Applied 20S December 15, 2008
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Friday, December 12, 2008

Today's Slides: December 12

Here they are ...

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Today's Slides: December 10

Here they are ...

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Sorry for the late post Mr. K and fellow classmates!
Regarding the little quiz last Friday, was it
just me or were you all confused as well?
I honestly did not think that we learnt how and what to
use for those kinds of situations, even with common sense
added to it, it was difficult.
So I can't really help anyone on understanding it.

Although, I did understand the things going on
in yesterday's class. The worksheet that he gave us
was to help us learn how to insert graphs
and how to label it by using information given to you.

Mr. K specified (the post below) us to make a multiplication
table allowing only cell A2 to be a number, while the rest are formulas.
This being the part where absolute cell reference comes to play.
If you guys haven't remembered, absolute cell reference is when you
put dollar signs on either side of the cell name's letter that you want or would
need to be absolute, leaving the number out and is to be repeated

when you click and drag the little blue square in the corner to the desired spots.
Also, we were told to fancy things up with colours and
make a Sheet2 showing all formulas used.
That's all I can think of writing at the moment.

PLEASE remember to read information posts
And keep our blog neat!

Monday, December 8, 2008

SS06 Multiplication Table

Create a multiplication table that provides all answers from 1x1 to 12x12. You may type the number "1" into cell A2 but not ANYWHERE ELSE. You may not type any other numbers into the spreadsheet; every other cell must contain a formula.

Put your first name in cell A1.

Colour the columns or the rows to make the spreadsheet more attractive and easy to read. When you are done "hand in" your assignment by publishing it and leaving a comment here with your name on it.

REMEMBER: You must also create Sheet 2 that shows all the formulas you used.

SS05 Spreadsheet Charts

Hand in your spreadsheet chart assignment here.

Photo Credit: I've been doing fun stuff too.... by flickr user Eifion

Friday, December 5, 2008

Spreadsheets Online Quiz

Hand in your published quiz spreadsheets as a comment on this post.

Photo credit: math everywhere... by flickr user thowi

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Today's Class (12/04/2008)

Hi! this is Judith and today, we were in the lab and we did new spreadsheets. The first one was that we had to work with a partner. It was called ss03 Smart Spreadsheet! It was about a teacher grading his students about finding their final mark. We were supposed to solve it if the Assignments, Project and Tests were 30% each or if the Assignments were 30% and the Project was 20% and so on. Then we had to find the Class' Average of each and the final marks.

Then we had to do a second one called ss04 scratch which we just had to it ourselves. It was about a local greenhouse pays double time for any hours over worked per week during summer. Then we had to create a spreadsheet about it which was ss04 scratch that calculates the gross pay for each employee and the total weekly gross pay for the company. Then, theres a 2nd one and its about a rectangle finding its length, width, perimeter and area.

Then we went to to play games and then we were shocked that we had to leave tutpup already because we didn't got a chance to play a game and I think only one of did only and I don't know if we went to tutpup first or we did ss04 scratch afterwards and it was fo homework if you didn't finish but yeah thats what happened to day!

Mr. K told us that at friday which is tommorow, monday and tuesday that we'll be at the lab then at wednesday that we'll have a test about spreadsheets at the classroom!

And we'll just pick the scribe tommorow because I'm not sure who didn't do it yet and did it already!

So see you guys tommorow!

(*sorry if the scribe doesn't make sense its because I don't write good and
that descriptive so just ask one of us in the class if you didn't understand
the scribe tommorow!)


ss02Formating URL:

MahChew. xP

ss01 Introduction

ss01Introduction URL:

MahChew .

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

here's my spreadsheet 02 homework

this is my 2nd spreadsheets 02...



here's my spreadsheet 01 homework


this is my homework for today..


Todays Class

Hi everybody Coralee here tell you what we learned in class today

Today was pretty laid back we first talked about how to properly get a spreadsheet on t the blog an to do that you need to go to share click on publish to the web click publish once your spread sheet is published copy the URL and past it into the assigned spot on the blog Mr. K has set up.
Then we talked about posting to the blog and tags to properly put a post on the blog you need to name your post and have 3 tags your name if you are the scribe you will need scribe or were just asked to you will put BOB and then the last tag will be the unit so it will look like this

Coralee, Scribe, Spreadsheet or BOB instead of scribe depending on what your doing.

Last we were all shocked when he handed out a quiz but it was just about formulas in spreadsheets and how to write them and solve them pretty easy stuff.


Add A5 and B7 to find B8 = A5 + B7
Subtract G5 from G6 = G6 - G5
Average G4 to G9 = Average ( G4:G9)

These are some examples of formulas that you will be using in spreadsheets and this is how to solve them lets say A5 is 87 and B7 is 8

so to solve it you would add 87 and 8 to Find B8 in this case it would be 95 so B8 would be 95

Some important symbols you will need to know :

* -this is the multiplication symbol it is located above the eight on your keyboard
= - you will need this to complete your formulas

+ - The plus is for adding of course

- The minus for subtracting

and i don't really know what else to say so hope its helped a little and that is pretty much what we have learned in class over the last week.
Oh and there will also be some slides below this post on today's class

And the next scribe will be Judith

See y'all tomorrow

Today's Slides: December 3

Here they are ...


SS01 Introduction

This is from cait
Published on Dec 3, 2008 8:15:38 AM CST

ss01 Introduction

ss01Introduction URL:



this is my ss02Formating URL:


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Spreadsheet Assignment SS02

Hand in your assignment by publishing your Google Doc as a webpage. Copy the (ugly) URL and paste in as a comment here. Make certain your first name is included in your comment here and in cell H1 of your spreadsheet.

IMPORTANT: Make certain you "hand in" the correct assignment as a comment on the correct blog post. This post is for handing in the second assignment on formating.

Spreadsheet Assignment SS01

Hand in your assignment by publishing your Google Doc as a webpage. Copy the (ugly) URL and paste in as a comment here. Make certain your first name is included in your comment here and in cell H1 of your spreadsheet.