Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Scribe Post Jan. 19th

So im a little bit late on this scribe post but I am required to do it anways so here it is. This is the post for the class of the 19th by the way. Above is a question Mr.K gave us that most of us had trouble doing that day, but with his help we figured it out. He just basically put stuff that had the same value over eachother and worked with it until he found his answer.

We also had a quiz on measurement that everyone seemed to have had a good grasp on because we all good exceptionally high marks. The quiz focused on alot of questions having to do with converting different units of measurements like for instance converting CM into M, and stuff like that. Then there were a couple of questions focusing on the area and perimeter of a shapes, but previous posts have covered that topic.

This is Jonathan by the way, and Mark already picked the next scribe.