Thursday, December 4, 2008

Today's Class (12/04/2008)

Hi! this is Judith and today, we were in the lab and we did new spreadsheets. The first one was that we had to work with a partner. It was called ss03 Smart Spreadsheet! It was about a teacher grading his students about finding their final mark. We were supposed to solve it if the Assignments, Project and Tests were 30% each or if the Assignments were 30% and the Project was 20% and so on. Then we had to find the Class' Average of each and the final marks.

Then we had to do a second one called ss04 scratch which we just had to it ourselves. It was about a local greenhouse pays double time for any hours over worked per week during summer. Then we had to create a spreadsheet about it which was ss04 scratch that calculates the gross pay for each employee and the total weekly gross pay for the company. Then, theres a 2nd one and its about a rectangle finding its length, width, perimeter and area.

Then we went to to play games and then we were shocked that we had to leave tutpup already because we didn't got a chance to play a game and I think only one of did only and I don't know if we went to tutpup first or we did ss04 scratch afterwards and it was fo homework if you didn't finish but yeah thats what happened to day!

Mr. K told us that at friday which is tommorow, monday and tuesday that we'll be at the lab then at wednesday that we'll have a test about spreadsheets at the classroom!

And we'll just pick the scribe tommorow because I'm not sure who didn't do it yet and did it already!

So see you guys tommorow!

(*sorry if the scribe doesn't make sense its because I don't write good and
that descriptive so just ask one of us in the class if you didn't understand
the scribe tommorow!)


Lani said...

Hi Truly Judith,

You do write well! And I understood that you worked on different spreadsheets in the lab!

Can you link to examples so I can see them?

Best wishes,