Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Sorry for the late post Mr. K and fellow classmates!
Regarding the little quiz last Friday, was it
just me or were you all confused as well?
I honestly did not think that we learnt how and what to
use for those kinds of situations, even with common sense
added to it, it was difficult.
So I can't really help anyone on understanding it.

Although, I did understand the things going on
in yesterday's class. The worksheet that he gave us
was to help us learn how to insert graphs
and how to label it by using information given to you.

Mr. K specified (the post below) us to make a multiplication
table allowing only cell A2 to be a number, while the rest are formulas.
This being the part where absolute cell reference comes to play.
If you guys haven't remembered, absolute cell reference is when you
put dollar signs on either side of the cell name's letter that you want or would
need to be absolute, leaving the number out and is to be repeated

when you click and drag the little blue square in the corner to the desired spots.
Also, we were told to fancy things up with colours and
make a Sheet2 showing all formulas used.
That's all I can think of writing at the moment.

PLEASE remember to read information posts
And keep our blog neat!


Lani said...

Hi Ddongna,

Can you help me a bit with directions on how to insert a graph?

Thanks for including the reminder about absolute cell reference and using italics to make it clear!

I wonder, could you still add a title to your post so I would be able to locate it more easily later?