Tuesday, December 16, 2008

December 16, 2008

Earlier beginning of the class we talked about digital ethics which is you don't have to post any pictures ourselves because we being so careful to our own privacy and we can only use our first name and if you really wantedto have your own graphic association image with your posting . you may also used avatar. a something represent you but its NOT you..

Later on, we also talk about the y-intercept and what is the meaning of it be by using graphic calculator. This are the steps how to used the graphic calculator by solving the y-intercept:
  • When we used the graphic calculator we press STAT and look for the EDIT and list they points.You should enter the data in the list. To get to the list (1) one or list (2) two. To clear the list press the up and down button, clear and enter your data.
  • when your going to create a scatter plot you should press 2nd function, y=, and enter. Choose scatter plot, x list and y list.
  • if your going to graph the the plot, your going to press ZOOM 9. first, you should adjust your WINDOW.
  • To create a regression equation. Press STAT, ARROW to the LEFT and move to the CALC and pick your regression and then press 2nd function (1)one, comma, 2nd function (2) two and comma.
  • Press VARS, arrow to the right and move to the Y-vars ENTER to the function and ENTER.
This are the types of regression:
- linear
- quadratic
- exponential
- sinusoidal
- logarithmic
- power

we also correct our quiz in the end of our class. we talk about the y-intercept and also how to write the equation of the line. do you know the meaning of interpolations? Interpolations means is to estimate values of(data or a function) between known values.

This are the things that i learned in our class today. My scribes not too short but in this post you can easily understand by is step.

The next scribe will be THUAN. (^_^)


Lani said...

Hi Cachel,

Thanks for your thorough scribe. When you used different colored font, that helped me focus and understand more completely.

In your introduction, you talked about the importance of digital ethics; is this a new discussion for you or have other teachers also stressed this?