Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Todays Class

Hi everybody Coralee here tell you what we learned in class today

Today was pretty laid back we first talked about how to properly get a spreadsheet on t the blog an to do that you need to go to share click on publish to the web click publish once your spread sheet is published copy the URL and past it into the assigned spot on the blog Mr. K has set up.
Then we talked about posting to the blog and tags to properly put a post on the blog you need to name your post and have 3 tags your name if you are the scribe you will need scribe or were just asked to you will put BOB and then the last tag will be the unit so it will look like this

Coralee, Scribe, Spreadsheet or BOB instead of scribe depending on what your doing.

Last we were all shocked when he handed out a quiz but it was just about formulas in spreadsheets and how to write them and solve them pretty easy stuff.


Add A5 and B7 to find B8 = A5 + B7
Subtract G5 from G6 = G6 - G5
Average G4 to G9 = Average ( G4:G9)

These are some examples of formulas that you will be using in spreadsheets and this is how to solve them lets say A5 is 87 and B7 is 8

so to solve it you would add 87 and 8 to Find B8 in this case it would be 95 so B8 would be 95

Some important symbols you will need to know :

* -this is the multiplication symbol it is located above the eight on your keyboard
= - you will need this to complete your formulas

+ - The plus is for adding of course

- The minus for subtracting

and i don't really know what else to say so hope its helped a little and that is pretty much what we have learned in class over the last week.
Oh and there will also be some slides below this post on today's class

And the next scribe will be Judith

See y'all tomorrow


dkuropatwa said...

Good scribe post Coralee ... who's the next scribe?

Anonymous said...

So basically to have our
class blog organized and
kept clean, you must label
things properly and read the
instructions on which
Mr. K provides. For example,

Lani said...

Hi Coralee,

You've posted good information for your fellow classmates and your readers! Nice job!

How are you feeling about learning with spreadsheets?