Sunday, December 21, 2008

sandra scribe day!

Last class we worked on some slides about interpolation and extrapolation.
Then we worked on some sequences, we went into some small groups.

Arithmetic Sequence:

- Recursive Definition:
An ordered list of numbers generated by adding a value continuously.

{/EDIT} An arithmetic sequence is when you continue adding the same number over and over again. For example:
5, 10, 15, 20, 25...
That is adding five to the previous number.

And to find the equation of the numbers the formula is Y = ax + b, so it would be like,
Y = 5x + 0 (used the sequence above for example).
If you're wonder how i got the zero, look at slide 8/13 for December 18th.
It's pretty much just
subtracting 5 from 5 because a = the first term and you subtract 5 from the first term.

Since the sequence is just adding 5, the common difference is 5, because there's a difference of 5 in each of the numbers.

I hope this is enough =)

sorry guys, i have no idea what im doing =.=''

Next Scribe = Matthew


Lani said...

Hi Sandra,

You got off to a good start by noting the topics for class!

Will the slides that Mr. K. posted help you? Don't they assist with examples and definitions and problems?

Can you use a problem from them and explain what you did to reach the answer?

I'm thinking that would help your classmates and me--too!